A Couple of Items…….

Condolences go out to Charlie Murphy and his family.....Godspeed, homie...

Yesterday’s sad news about Charlie Murphy’s wife Tisha Taylor, who passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer, came as a shock.  This guy has been one of the more underrated forces in comedy within the past few years and to see his name attached to such a tragic and devastating story made my heart go out to him and his family.  He’s given us laughs for a while now, so it’s only right to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through such a difficult time.  Losing a loved one is never ever easy and to see this man’s “rib” meet such an end just keeps it all in perspective…..take a minute and send a shout and prayer to CM.

At least the swoosh is behind him, literally and figuratively......

Now, on to some nonsense, namely the latest bit of drama to crop up in the midst of this Tiger-mania that is sweeping across the land….Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who has treated many top athletes (among them, brother Eldrick) was stopped at the U.S. border and detained after human growth hormone and Actovegin (a performance enhancing drug extracted from calf’s blood) were found in his bag.  Many in the media are now attempting to make a link between Tiger’s rehab from knee surgery and this doctor, who gave Woods treatment on at least four occasions…..Oh boy….this story just seems to spiral in new directions every day, now they want to make this guy into Barry Bonds?  I know that he brought this level of scrutiny onto himself, but damned, next they’ll be saying that he was Keyser Sosay or O.J.’s accomplice.  Charles Barkley and Spike Lee expressed their concern for Woods on CNN tonight, saying that he has changed his number and isn’t talking to even his closest celeb friends, namely Barkley and Michael Jordan.  And, still more sources are claiming that Mrs. Woods is going to end their marriage after the holidays, no longer able to go on after 13 women have come forward, claiming to have had relations with Tiger.  Some of Tiger’s corporate partners have stated their support for the guy, namely Phil Knight & Nike and the folks at Upper Deck….stick around, the drama continues……

The coach, in position to dump on any haters of his program

University of North Carolina head men’s basketball coach Roy Williams recently performed a giant ego stroke on himself in the name of eradicating haters of his team.  During a lopsided game against Presbyterian College, an opposing fan stood up and yelled at an NC player at the free throw line and the coach, in a fit of fake outrage and control-freakism, had the man removed from the premises, later saying that no one should ever have anything negative to say about his team……huh?  If you happen to make a road trip with your team, aren’t you allowed to root for your squad, especially in a blowout?  All this guy was reported to have said was “Deon, miss it” and that was reason to kick him out?  I’m sorry, isn’t this the school that is one half of one of the most fierce rivalries in all of college sports?  Don’t NC students heckle Duke’s team?  Hasn’t that been a part of spectator sports since Rome and the gladiators?  Are you freaking kidding me?  This is the most bass ackwards crap ever pulled by a coach since Bobby Knight was banished to the booth.  Williams should be ashamed of himself, he who schedules weak opponents and gets pissed at people for rooting for the opposition.  If I’m this fan that was removed, I’m on the phone with every hotshot legal mind in the state, prepping a lawsuit.  Just one more example of the massive egos that have evolved in the game of college basketball; as much as I’ve liked Williams’ teams in the past, I think I just found a reason to root against them…..hope someone doesn’t come try to kick me out of my living room!!

Come back, there’ll be more soon……….


~ by darrylthewriter on December 16, 2009.

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