What A Difference A Year & A Decade Make……

Wow….are you like me and just relieved to watch 2009 end?What a sad, sorry, miserable, endless, wretched period of time that was. Never before in my time here on this spinning ball have I ever experienced such dark and depressing period of time where it seemed like tragedy and sorrow were ceaselessly on stand by with every day, hour, and minute that passed. Seemingly, every day brought another hardship to the forefront of our collective awareness and we were left exhausted from flinching in anticipation of the next bit of bad news that would come along. We lost jobs, extended wars, endured scandal after scandal, and spent way too much time grieving at the loss of loved ones, up close and from afar. Think of some of the things that happened last year: the economic meltdown, the bailouts, the H1N1 outbreak, the fight over health care, the Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco, the Henry Gates arrest, the NY Post’s cartoon depicting Obama as a monkey, the Tiger Woods saga, the Somali pirates wildin’ out……a headline was never far away in 2009. With all of that said, maybe this particular new year can only go up from here and offer a new starting point for us to start all over. 2010 has to be better, doesn’t it?


~ by darrylthewriter on January 7, 2010.

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