An Open Letter To the President from Las Vegas

Dear Mr. President:

Greetings from the beautiful Las Vegas valley……for whatever reason, it seems that you have a serious beef with our town, going out of your way to convince individuals that spending money on a Vegas trip is somehow wrong or irresponsible. While I do understand the difficulty of the job that you are undertaking as well as how frustrating to you it must be to attempt to repair our fractured economical system, I am at a complete loss as to why you feel it necessary to repeatedly make disparaging remarks concerning this city. The city that stands today is not the Vegas of years past, where decadence and excess were the orders of the day and various shadowy figures seized power and control. Today, this is a sprawling metropolitan area of two million plus people that effort to function and thrive in the exact same manner that most Americans do. This is a city where the foreclosure rate is, still, the highest in the country. This city is in a state where the unemployment rate is drifting steadily towards the mid-teens. This is a metropolitan area that leans and relies heavily on its tourism/gaming industries for survival……and yet you sir, our President, makes another negative comment concerning folks coming to Vegas….& we’re not supposed to notice or be upset by it? Of course we noticed, and a lot of us are…..well, let’s just say that calling Vegas upset is the very definition of the term ‘sugarcoat’. The mayor has flipped out and said publically that you aren’t welcome in the city after that (which makes the visit that you have planned for later on this month all the more interesting) and while I admire his spirit and love for his city, I can’t say that I share in that ‘unwelcome’ sentiment. However, I can offer a suggestion as far as what should accompany you when you do make the trip to our city: an honest, heartfelt, sincere apology in the smooth, gap bridging way that we’ve all grown to know and expect from you. I know, the mayor has said that this is beyond apologies, but you are Barack Obama….try anyway. Remind us why we voted for you and will continue to support you through the even darker days that are almost most assuredly ahead. Make us believe in ‘Yes We Can’ again, I think a great many of us have forgotten what that was supposed to mean. Above all, let us know that we are of value to you and this country, worthy of what it would take for you to repair the damage that has been done. Let the world know that it’s still cool to come to Vegas…..we could use the good word, ya know? That’s all I’ve got for right now…… be easy and get at me, my best to the wife and kids.



~ by darrylthewriter on February 3, 2010.

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