As The Sports World Turns

What up, folks? The drama that surrounds and engulfs the sports world these days is incomparable to anything else going on….let’s take a look at what’s happening:

Now, this is how you put together a dunk contest.....this year? Not so much.....

– the NBA’s annual All-Star fiasco came and went recently and what became clear to me as I impassively watched was that David Stern and his think tank need to dream up a better platform on which to showcase their game. The dunk contest was especially disappointing, particularly after having been promised a showdown between Dwight Howard and Lebron James after last year’s contest (Lebron said he was in, look it up). The appeal of this event has always been rooted in watching the premier players battle it out for the crown, but the collection of misfits and also-rans that participated this year made the whole thing an unwatchable joke….that and the actual game, which is little more than a Sunday morning pick-up game at this point. Mr. Stern, something’s got to give…..that was horrible.

– Staying with the NBA, the flurry of moves made at this year’s trade deadline made things really interesting and set up the stretch run towards the playoffs for an exciting finish. Too many moves were made to list them all here, but you have to like what Cleveland did in picking up Antawn Jamison, as well as Dallas’ aquisition of all of the Wizard’s talent….the next month or so should provide some fireworks, looking forward to watching it all unfold.

A true Eagles warrior.......just couldn't stay healthy.

– Wow…..two of the bigger running backs from the past decade were released by their teams within the past week ….LaDanian Thompson and Brian Westbrook have had distinguished careers, but with age, a running back loses his speed and as a result, the injuries accumulate…..Personally, I think LT has a little bit left, albeit not as a starter….as far as Westbrook goes, I hope he’ll retire, but something tells me that his pride will make him look for work elsewhere….mad props and respect to them both.

What a spectacular fall......kinda sad, ain't it?

– Former NBA player Jayson Williams was sentenced to five years in prison over the death of his limo driver over eight years ago….it just proves that the wheels of justice have very little horsepower when the defendant has mills. This guy’s fall from grace was tragic, especially the way it all unfolded in slow motion. I just hope he can get whatever help he needs while he’s locked up…

This guy is a beast, even and especially at age 47.

– The great Herschel Walker, 47 years old and ripped like a dark skinned Hulk, recently made his MMA debut and destroyed the poor fool that he fought in mercilous fashion….actually, he did show mercy, bcause he could have did much more to that guy and didn’t….he looks strong enough to win the Heisman right now.

This is unnecessary, y'all......someone's gonna get hurt.

– Is Bernard Hopkins really going to fight Roy Jones Jr.?  Isn’t this 2010?  Just checking…….

Shane's skills are in the ring.....Floyd's skills are everywhere else as well as the ring

– Staying with boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley began the promotional tour to hype their May 1st bout here in Las Vegas… thing I’m sure of: Shane needs to let Floyd do his “villian” thing and try to stay out of his way. I know Shane wants some airtime too, but you can’t outwit Floyd, his game consists of large doses of shit talking and he’s one of the best in the game at it…..Shane’s gotta find his lane and stay in it. Find Vegas’ mayor and take some picks with some showgirls….just stop effin’ wit Floyd.


– the people that grant boxing licenses in Nevada need their asses kicked…..Evander vs. Francois Botha…..really? Why?

Warrior mentality, candy-assed arm.

– The NFL Scouting combine came and went and it only served to prove one thing: Tim Tebow is a tight end in the NFL…..not a quarterback; my cocker spaniel has a better throwing motion.

– 96 teams in the NCAA tournament, huh? If this goes thru, they’ll be letting AAU teams in next…. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..imagine filling out that bracket; sheesh!

"We are the champions, AGAIN.....and we'll keep on fighting 'til the end...."

– last, but not least; baseball is back! Yankees vs. Pirates as I write this…..time for the World Champs to get back to doing their thing….

More soon!


~ by darrylthewriter on February 23, 2010.

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