The Return of Babbin’

Hello boys and girls……today, I make a return foray into the world of babblin’, the art of making short statements about things going on, some mainstream, some obscure, but all guaranteed to be a bit off, no doubt…, without further ado, let’s get to babblin’, shall we? If this isn’t pleasant, blame my brother, he made the damned thing up…..

-Congrats to the University of Butler for their improbable run to the championship game of the Men’s tournament in basketball this year. Special shout goes to their coach, a Colin Hanks look-a-like who probably gets carded buying Fiji water…..should y’all get back next year, might I suggest a mustache or at least let the stubble come in a bit, okay Coach?

– Who in the hell left the gate open?

– Does Nicki Minaj have a skill or are we supposed to just look at the wack clothes, hair, and make up and applaud anyway? She’s got curves and all, but she sounds like she’s having a stroke when she rhymes…..

– Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones need to be taken out back and beaten like rugs…..that was hard to watch, fellas. Anyone care to guess what Holyfield and Botha is going to be like?

– The new Erykah Badu album is on point (a review will be posted later, stay tuned); that Window Seat video? Not so much…..I know there was supposed to be a message, and to me it was: make another video.

– Larry King is done……half remembers names, loses his train of thought, sounds like he’s asleep half the time….he’s an icon, but even they have an expiration date, except for Vin Scully.

– The kid in right field for the Atlanta Braves is ridiculous….6’6″ with power…..the NL East is gonna be interesting this year.

– Shouldn’t you have to be a star to be on Dancing With The Stars? Kate Gosselin? Really? For having a bunch of kids? If that’s the case, I know mad potential contestants…..

– Could someone shoot the Sixers now, & put them out of their misery, please?

– You know how Jimmy Fallon could boost his ratings? If one night, the Roots put down their instruments and just start kicking his ass…..I’d stay up for that.

– Michael Steele …….fill in your own jokes here.

– Sarah Palin…..ditto.

– Payless should give out very finely graded sandpaper with each open toed shoe purpose…..a lot of barefoot mountain climbers walking around here.

-Where the hell is Al B. Sure?

– if there are any fight promoters out there, I am willing to accept a steel cage match against any of the following:
-Colin Cowherd
-Sen. Boehner from Ohio
-Andy Reid
-the person on the Nevada Athletic Commission that gave a boxing license to Hopkins/Jones and Holyfield/Botha

Thanks for coming out, God Bless, Good Night…….


~ by darrylthewriter on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “The Return of Babbin’”

  1. -I would say “how can you boo Obama throwing a pitch out for thr 1st game of the baseball season?”. But I 4got, nigs booed Bush’s ass every chance we got

    -Its official: I would kick someone’s ass for a “Swedish Fish” ice from Rita’s…man, that shit is special

    -In reference to my brother’s babble in the above text: If any of u readers are from Philly, then you KNOOOOOOW how out-of-order these chicks are the past few days..curved up, clothes all tight and skimpy, and either one of two things happened: 1)she had on sandals and her feet was unpainted and more jacked then Tripper, or 2) she had on sandals and she had a pedi but forgot that the rules also call for some type of MOISTURIZER!!! Lotion, Cocoa Butter, Baby Oil, Baby Gel, Nivea, Vaseline, Shea Butter, Butter, Margarine, Olive Oil, Crisco, Wesson, Hellman’s….maybe even Valvoline and Quaker State, for u daaaaark ones (won’t nobody know the difference!!)…WHUTEVER u like..or dislike..or hate…despise…love…cherish…JUST USE IT!!!

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