2010 NBA Playoffs……finally!!!!!

Quick observations after the first weekend of this year’s NBA Playoffs:

– The Lakers are clearly better than Oklahoma City, but I can’t shake the feeling that OKC can still make this a series if someone other than Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook shows up and can score some points. Also, Andrew Bynum is a beast; it’s time to acknowledge that, he was dominant yesterday and he’s still trying to get back in game shape after being out with that injured Achillies tendon.

– The Jazz are too banged up to really give Denver a real run….I know Coach Sloan’s crew will never concede anything, but when all of your post players are either out or severely hampered by injury, then the Nuggets are just going to torture you.

– Cleveland still didn’t solve their weakness from last season, which was defending the perimeter against long shooters. I like the addition of Jamison and Shaq looks great after being out, but they still don’t have the personnel to match up with Orlando when the Magic spreads the floor and kicks it outside.

– Vince Carter fits right in with Orlando, he has figured out how to mesh his game with the way that the Magic plays and it’s going to payoff later in these playoffs.

-As old as San Antonio has gotten, they still are dangerous; Richard Jefferson has been a bust, but imagine if they had someone like Rashard Lewis or Durant coming off of that wing, with Parker filling the lane and Ginobilli coming off of the other wing….but, as they are presently constituted, they have nothing for Dallas.

– Mad props go to Juwan Howard, he has found the Fountain of Youth and become a true threat in the post for Portland. Between him and Marcus Camby, the Blazers are taking us back to the 90’s; can’t forget Grant Hill doing his thing in Phoenix…..I’m thinking the Suns are in trouble.

– Regardless of how bad they beat up on the Bucks, the Hawks have no shot going past the second round. They’re still way too inconsistent and they make a bunch of mistakes in the post every game. Josh Smith still hasn’t completed the transition from phenominal athlete to a seasoned NBA forward, he’s still leaning on his gifts to get by….it’s fun to watch, but not enough to make the Hawks legit.

– The Heat aren’t necessarily good enough to beat Boston, but if Quentin Richardson can get under KG’s skin that easily, then I think a blueprint for beating the C’s was just discovered. Boston’s guard play is fine, but without Garnett, I don’t Rasheed Wallace making the kind of impact needed; Pierce might need to go off in game 2.

How off am I? Let me know what u think……


~ by darrylthewriter on April 19, 2010.

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