You Thought Tupac’s Bishop Was Bad……..

Ummm.....why are you sending this picture to other men, Bishop?

When I first heard about the scandal that has rocked the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia, I braced myself for an ugly story……..and damned if I didn’t get it!  Bishop Eddie Long, the spiritual leader of New Birth, has been accused of coercing four teenaged members of his congregation into having sexual relations with him.  The accusations have included claims of trips abroad with the boys in question,  as well as money and gifts being lavished upon the boys and their families.  Long has denied the accusations without outright addressing them in a definitive manner……in other words, homie is spinning words without dealing with the issue at hand.  This story once again brings up the issue of men of authority outwardly vilifying homosexuality only to later be outed as gay later.  We’ve seen it in politicians from coast to coast, as well as in the Catholic church; way too many men in power are abusing their positions to get their freakazoid on and it’s becoming more and more commonplace and troubling.  Now, to be fair, we really should withhold our judgement on this situation until all of the facts have come to light.  However, in the midst of an onslaught of media coverage, uncovering one bombshell after another, is it even possible to be impartial, especially in light of the Bishop’s lack of a concrete denial?  When you see pictures like the one above, with the Bishop sending cell phone pics of his spandex clad self to young men, you just might become a bit more suspicious than normal.  All we can do is wait for the story to conclude, and until then, brace ourselves for whatever is to come next out of this story.  Al I would add to that is this: use your mind to assess the truth……do not allow yourselves to be sheep on this one, be proactive and see things for what they really are, minus the rhetoric and dogma that might otherwise cloud one’s judgement.  For the sake of the 30, 000 plus members of New Birth, I hope that this is just a money grab, as the Bishop has portrayed it to be…….something tells me that the truth is shortly forthcoming, no doubt.


~ by darrylthewriter on September 28, 2010.

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