The Extreme Silliness of Chilly

The beard is supposed to make him look a bit more in charge.....hahahahaha

When the news broke that the Minnesota Vikings were suddenly severing their ties with Randy Moss, I must admit that I immediately assumed that the superstar WR did something to exacerbate the situation.  After all, this guy has earned a reputation for diva behavior throughout his career, and given the fact that the Vikes’ wheels are spinning in their effort to regain traction on a woeful 2-5 start to this season, it just seemed like the perfect scenario for Moss’ nonsense to take root.  After some further digging and reflection, however, I’m not so sure that I got it right.  In the time since this story came to light, we’ve learned that Moss’ comments at a post-practice buffet where an inferior grade of meat was being served sealed his fate and greased the skids for his eventual release.  Really?  Complaining about tough steak is enough to get  you canned?!? Is that truly a measure of a man’s character and, therefore, an indication of his worthiness?  Vikings coach Brad Childress, or Chilly as he has been called, has characterized this move as being ‘in the best interest’ of his team…..blah, blah, blah, you’ve heard it all before.  This is one more seriously questionable move for this football coach in a series; he’s been doing weird stuff since his tenure with the Eagles and seemingly, the arctic blast of Minnesota air has done little to curb that.  This is a guy that sent some of his players on a begging mission to plead with Ole No. 4 (I’m tired of hearing and writing the name ‘Brett Favre’ so, that’s his new name) to come back and give it another try (and told those same players and others to lie about the whole thing to the press).  This is the same guy that, one year earlier, left a team practice to go to the airport and give Ole No. 4 a ride, sort of like a complementary shuttle service you would get as part of an Expedia vacation package.  This is the same coach that has the best running back in the league at his disposal and cannot seemingly find a way to use him to his potential.  This is the same guy that traded a third round pick to the Patriots to give his ancient quarterback a legit receiver after failing to address the position in the off-season.  Chilly’s weirdness and general inability to distinguish his ass from a hole in the ground has left this once fearsome franchise a mere shell of itself, and there is no better indication of that then this latest, stupid move, one that most certainly has his team on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. What is even more puzzling is the fact that Ole No. 4’s displeasure with Chilly’s meddling in the playcalling and the way the offense is run is common knowledge by now, certainly as insubordinate as, say, someone bitching about some nasty food after practice. Yet Ole No. 4 keeps limping on in purple and gold, while Moss must look for employment elsewhere……still trying to figure that one out.  It seems that Chilly found a need to put his foot down and re-establish (as if he were ever in charge) himself as the leader of this team, and the food critique was the very excuse he needed to throw his little bit of weight around and Moss became the victim.  So, one of the best receivers ever (and , at least, a top 5 WR in the game……still) is out of work and Ole No. 4 is back to having one, two options to pass to……and the Vikings are still 2-5.  Here’s my prediction:  Chilly’s need to take back the control that he already gave up to Ole No. 4 is gonna  haunt the rest of his days, limited as they may be, as the Vikings head coach.  The team’s owner is rumored to be pissed about how this whole thing went down, and given the almost $30 million that he’s having to cough up this year between Ole No. 4’s salary and Moss’s, I’d say he would be every bit justified in being upset.  This was not supposed to turn out like this and eventually, someone will have to answer for this bs when the season’s over and the Metrodome is closed for the season.  I have a suggestion for Chilly should he be removed as HC, much in the manner he removed Moss:  Dude, you look just like Frank Oz; hire somebody to do a bio-pic of the Muppet’s creator and get yourself cast…….then again, Kermit would sound funny as shit with that fake assed, bass from the Oak Ridge Boys thing that you do with your voice, so maybe we’ll have to figure something else out……


~ by darrylthewriter on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Extreme Silliness of Chilly”

  1. I’m surprised that he is still the coach. He mortgaged the entire team for his love affair with Brett Favre. They have the best running back in the league and he doesn’t get the ball because of King Brett. Just curious, if any other players, who were maybe a little darker skinned did the whole send pictures of my private parts to a cheerleader would the NFL be trying so hard to sweep it under the rug? I’m just sayin’

  2. I feel like the NFL new what they were getting into when Moss was drafted. Remember that he redefined the position, when a 5’11 guy was the teams first option. He made jump balls commonplace. Now the leading receivers hover over corners. Detroit wideout, Houston wideout, not too name names. I love that Moss said he wouldn’t talk to the media for the rest of the season, I don’t see any hypocrisy when he was signed by the Titans, that he was very proper with folks. He is a emotional shark, but on the Pats he was a minnow. Good post, D.

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