A New Beginning

How I look when I wake up......really.......

Greetings folks…..how the heck are ya? I know, I know…..I’ve all but abandoned this blog recently, but in anticipation of a new opportunity that I’ve been presented with (more news about that later…..stay tuned), I’m back in the saddle, ready to go…..and as such, DarryltheWriter returns……. a lot has happened since we last got together here……for instance;

The news of the Congresswoman's progress in her recovery is simply awesome.....

The events in Tucson, AZ from earlier this month have been well documented and analyzed ad naseum, so I’m not going to rehash the same old news here…..what I will say is that it is great to see that Congresswoman Giffords is slowly healing and making progress in her recovery from her wounds.  Her husband held a press conference this morning, and the look of encouragement on his face and in his tone spoke volumes.  I hope that the other victims of this crime are not forgotten and they can somehow find some peace in the near future…..not likely, I know, but I still wish for it for them.

I'm expecting to see a lot of this on Sunday.......

And then, there were four……the NFL conference championships happen this coming weekend and the two games on tap have the potential to be classics.  In Chicago, the Bears will host the Green Bay Packers, an old rivalry that goes back to before there was even an NFL.  Green Bay’s  QB, Aaron Rodgers,  has stepped from beyond the shadow of Brett Favre and cemented his name among the game’s elite with his play in this offseason.  Beating the Bears in Chicago is not going to be easy, especially given how tough the defense is, not to mention the crappy conditions of Soldier Field.  In Pittsburgh, the Steelers will try to hold off Rex Ryan’s Jets crew, who are riding the momentum of having defeated Peyton Manning and Tom Brady already in these playoffs.  Big Ben Rothlisberger has overcome the controversies of this past off-season to help give the Steelers a shot at the franchise’s seventh Super Bowl title.  These should be two epic battles…..no blow-outs, gentleman…..

Get well, Uncle Steve.......

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that he was taking a leave of absence from the computer giant to tend to his health, making it the third time he has stepped away from the company since his return in 1997.  Jobs’ contributions to the computing culture here and around the world are immeasurable.  Under his leadership, Apple has shaken up the world time and time again, constantly producing devices that have helped to revolutionize the way computers have been integrated into everyday life.  Despite some ominous reports about what his health issues might be (in typical Jobs fashion, his statement was purposely left vague and he pleaded for privacy during his leave), I am almost sure that he will once again take to a stage to announce the latest device from Apple that will change the game (again).  There is too much fight in that guy, he’ll be back…..

Grown Assed Man.......simply put.

I’ve said this before, but it’s even more apparent now than when I first said it…….Blake Griffin is a grown assed man…..period. The dunks, the hops, the Clippers’ almost being a winner…..this guy has made an impact nothing short of seismic….wait until he really figures his game out, you might see him jump clean over a whole squad to dunk on ’em…..to my East coast folks: if you get the chance to watch this guy, grab some popcorn and a seat belt……he is the real deal….cannot wait for the dunk contest this year (for the first time in ages).

I can hardly type because of how hard I'm hysterically crying....why is this guy a frickin' Yankee now.......why?

The Yankees are doing their best to make me revoke my fan status right now……..Andruw Jones?  Really?  Why?  This guy has been ass scented for the last four to five years…..even as a back-up, he still can’t hit wiffle balls thrown underhanded by a pre-schooler…..I know folks in Atlanta that are still looking for him for the nonsense he did to the Braves all those years ago….he sucked as a Dodger, as a Ranger, as a White Sock……pinstripes will not hide how sorry his ass is…..I swear, I’d have called Bonds up…..at least you know that fool will still be able to hit, this guy can’t hit the broad side of a barn……ah well

I have a special project that I’ve been working on that I’ll be able to talk about soon, so you’ve gotta come back and check me out….until then….later.



~ by darrylthewriter on January 20, 2011.

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