The Rowdee Review: “Bad Weather Classic” Zilla Rocca

Full disclosure: I was reluctant to even write this review simply because ZR and some of Yadibox’s affiliated acts have had beef in the past. Ultimately, however, reviewing music is what we do here & at the end of the day, the quality of an artist’s output is all that truly matters. Having said all of that, Zilla Rocca’s latest effort, Bad Weather Classic, is an atmospheric foray into sounds and emotions not often associated with hip-hop. Each of the EP’s five tracks has an almost pirated signal type of quality to it and in this forum, ZR and his cohorts (Mally, Curly Castro, Small Professor, Face One) make it all seem effortless. Standout track? I’ll go with the title cut, a musical cousin of ‘Run This Town’…..all in all, this EP makes me look forward to what comes next from Rocca & crew.


~ by darrylthewriter on March 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Rowdee Review: “Bad Weather Classic” Zilla Rocca”

  1. Glad you liked the EP, D!

    • No doubt, Zilla…..I’m feeling your sound, it’s evolving…..enjoyed it, good luck with it.

    • FYI, I know you think only Rowdee Supported the review. Yadibox signed off on the Review and agreed with Rowdee to Post it. Your Review is posted in TWO locations on Yadibox.

      “Darryl the Writer”
      “Yadibox Review Spot”

  2. We should all feel like proud parents no matter how estranged we are! LoL All the knowledge gained from Darko/Drako??, ASK, NICO, MAGr, Jerm, DAME, Curly, 2ewGunnCiz, BigO, Jeff Weiss, Slim DSM, TOKEjones, Hannibal, Too Tuff DomP, Professor Anarchy, Sosay…. has finally paid off.

    Keep moving forward and remember Roots!

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