The Rowdee Review: Fat Joe featuring Raekwon “Pushing Keys”

Fat Joe’s career reminds me of one of my favorite Biggie lyrics; his hottest work almost always drops unexpectedly, like birdshit. Since the explosion that was “Lean Back” back in ’04 & his subsequent beef w/50 Cent (did they ever squash that?), Joey Crack has largely been hit or mis musically. This spring, however, FJ once again brings some heat to the game with the release of his latest “Pushing Keys”. Over the simple thump of a 70’s R&B slow jam-styled track, FJ displays some lyricism and-dare I say-hunger, all while admonishing the wack among us, as well as dropping a gem or two for the youngsters in the game. Joey’s flow remains intact, I’m happy to report, showing off that hard edged NYC mentality we’ve come to know and expect from him. A shout out should go out to the great Raekwon who foregoes any rhyming this time around, instead choosing to deliver one of his patented rants on “fake industry” cats; holla at him when y’all “start wearing Russian ice” or else….be warned. This is one of those burners that will fill up a mixtape nicely…..I fully expect to hear it all spring and summer long.



~ by darrylthewriter on March 31, 2011.

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