The Rowdee Review: Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne”

After much contemplation & repeated listens, I can sum up my feelings about this album like this: I liken it to a luxury cruise on an expensive vessel that leaves port and sails in a complete circle; yes, you can enjoy being on the boat because of its sheer opulence and endless amenities and perks, but at the end of the day, you’re not really going anywhere. Watch The Throne suffers under the massive weight of its own expectations; few albums in hip hop history have been as highly anticipated as this one was. Yet, somehow the hype and hysteria surrounding it failed to justify what was put into it and what we are left with are a bunch of experiments in sound and theme that ultimately lack cohesion and distinction. Having said all of that, let me be clear: this is a “luxury cruise”, for sure & as such, some of this material is high quality stuff. ‘No Church In The Wild’, ‘The Joy’, ‘New Day’, ‘Otis’, & ‘Made In America’ all have the potential to be labeled as absolute classics when all is said and done. In particular, the seemingly heartfelt sentiments made towards both artists’ unborn children in ‘New Day’ sound uncompromisingly honest and real. Yet other tracks like ‘Niggas In Paris’, ‘Gotta Have It’, ‘Who Gon Stop Me’ & ‘H.A.M.’ come off as leftovers from ‘Ye’s Dark Twisted Fantasy with Jay’s presence injected into the scrum as an afterthought. This is Jay-Z being talked into making a Kanye West album….experimental, skittish, abstract, & ultimately, kinda empty. Was I expecting too much? Ummm….no. When two of the great pop/hip-hop cultural icons scream at us to pay attention while they collaborate & ultimately don’t deliver, then that’s a ‘you’ problem, not mine….as good as they are, this work does not represent what could be, plain and simple…..


~ by darrylthewriter on September 6, 2011.

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