And The Winner Is……..Mayweather

Okay…..I’ve seen all four episodes of 24/7, including the infamous dust-up between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, I have listened to many expert opinions, watched and read several interviews and stories pertaining to this fight…..and yet, my mind and heart keep coming to the same conclusion: Mayweather is still the best in the game and even at 34 years old, following an extensive layoff, he has enough to defeat the young, hungry, talented Victor Ortiz tomorrow night here in Las Vegas.  Will it even be a fight? Absolutely……Ortiz has the power and talent to make this one a classic, just ask Andre Berto, who lost his WBC welterweight title to Ortiz back in April.  Ortiz seems focused, poised and ready for this huge opportunity, but the problem for him is that his opponent is an undefeated champion in his own right, seeking to cement his legacy as one of the best boxers of all time.  For all the talk of Ortiz’s unusual size and strength for a welterweight, he faces the monumental task that all of Floyd’s opponents face: he has to try and hit what he cannot catch.  Mayweather’s elite-level defensive acumen and expertise will undoubtedly provide a monumental obstruction to Ortiz’ success and ultimately, prove to be the young fighter’s downfall.  This should be a good one tomorrow night….not the fight that all of us who still somehow follow the sport want, but entertaining just the same…..I’m thinking Floyd wins in eight…..


~ by darrylthewriter on September 16, 2011.

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