Been So Long……

It’s been way too long since I last posted, but I’m back……a few things happened while I was gone, including:


The college boys are back too......thank God for football

The college boys are back too......thank God for football

The return of the NFL……yeah, it’s that time of year and throughout all the speculation and prognosticating, the league is back.  Familiar faces in new places, throwback unis, injuries galore…I miss this game every February and the months between the Super Bowl and the first pre-season game are exquisite torture…..I’ve got all kinds of love and respect for the men (and women) who play the other pro sports in this country, but nothing is like the spectacle and the energy of an NFL game…..ditto for college football, too.  As I write this post, my Eagles are dealing with their usual dose of drama, this time with Donovan McNabb’s broken rib and the re-signing of Jeff Garcia, not to mention the impending activation of Michael Vick in time for week 3… is completely safe to say that this season will be well worth the wait and will be interesting from start to finish.  Kudos go out to ESPN for adding Jon Gruden to their broadcast booth on Monday nights, he sounds like he’s been there for years.


His HOF speech was just that.....his.

His HOF speech was just that.....his.

Michael Jordan led the latest class of inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend and has been widely ridiculed for the selfish nature of his speech, which proceeded to name various individuals that have slighted and motivated him over the years.  I know that the millions of us that were thrilled repeatedly by Jordan’s on-court exploits were looking forward to this ceremony and may have been taken aback by what may or may not have been said.  From where I stand, however, all that speech did was confirm for me what I knew and loved about MJ all those years ago:  the brother is a competitor to the bloody end, and even in jest, as was the tone of his speech, he can recall all of those who fed his motivational engine and gave him the fuel to burn that he needed to fly.  Michael Jordan can make that speech for the same reason that his shoes remain the most popular shoes on the planet, five years passed the last time he laced them up:  he is an icon, plain and simple.  Not one word of that speech did anything to diminish his magnificent career or tarnish his legend, period.  He may have made some new enemies or alienated a few folks, but for the most part, Air Jordan is just that; Air Jordan.


Just mentioning this guy is a bit much, no?

Just mentioning this guy is a bit much, no?

All I will say about Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President’s speech last week can be summed up in a quote from that most political of silver screen icons, Mr. Forrest Gump: stupid is as stupid does.  His actions are just one more pathetic attempt at garnering some attention for the rudderless ship that is his political party these days…..what he did is what I would expect from Pillboy Rush if he were somehow allowed into Congress…..flat out wrong.


The March of 2009 continues......Rest Brother Swayze

The March of 2009 continues......Rest Brother Swayze

One more familiar name was lost today…..Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer this afternoon and he is gone at age 57….even though it was well known that he was sick, it’s still too sad for too many words, so I’ll leave it at that, except to say that I hope that his family can find some peace in the coming days.


It’s good to be back, and I won’t be away for too long this time……..Peace.


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